A Tribute to Sauna Magic


HAPARANDA. After years of sauna baths and photographing in these hot, humid places, the Sauna photo book is finally here. […]

Gold nuggets from FA+


SKELLEFTEÅ. This summer the art duo FA+, consisting of Ingrid Falk and Gustavo Aguerre, are displaying a selection of their […]

Back to the 90s with Biosphere


TROMSØ. Later this month producer/composer Geir Jenssen – or Biosphere as he often prefers to call himself –  will reissue […]

Noise & Light Experience


  HARSTAD. Music, dance and installation art are the merging parts in the Noise Control performance. And the audience has […]

Wet Spring


  ARKHANGELSK. The Archangel´s town is built on wetlands at the Northern Dvina River. The loose ground created problems for the tram […]

Silent Movies with Soundtracks


ROVANIEMI. Tonight, Friday, a new festival kicks off in Rovaniemi. The concept of the two-day Aistimus festival is to watch old […]

Zombies and Darkness at MADE festival


UMEÅ. This weekend MADE festivalen hits Umeå again. When arranged for the first time in 2006, the idea was to […]

Horseback Stories


  VÄSTERBOTTEN COUNTY. It began with a journey that became a travelogue, that became a stage play – on tour. Now actors Olof […]

Read On!


THE NORTH. Nowadays it´s fine and easy to  find free information about the Barents Region and the whole Arctic. Many universities and […]

Back in Lapland


GÄLLIVARE. After moving back to Lapland a year ago, Swedish singer/songwriter Johan Airijoki is now releasing a 4-track EP in […]

This Year´s Soviet Character


MURMANSK, The film festival Northern Character is held annually in Murmansk. In local cinemas, around one hundred films and tv-programs […]

Playful Art in Tjakttjádalvvie


UMEÅ. Tjakttjádalvvie is a Sami word, which stands for the eighth and last season in the Sami year. Umeå has […]

Winter Arts Approaching


ROVANIEMI. “Snow, ice and winter are impressive phenomena.” These words form the introduction of the new book “Snow Design from […]

North Russian Village on the Silver Screen


KENOZERO. It´s an early summer morning in a small village in northern Russia. Postman Alexey  Tryapisyn gets up from his bed, […]

Who´s That Man?


GAMMELSTAD. Through the years, multiartist Mats Wikström from Luleå has been seen in many different roles and disguises. On the […]

Exploring Art & Ecology


KIRKENES/NIKEL. Is ecology really green? Not really, according to theorist Timothy Morton. It could just as well be defined as “dark”. […]

A Great Adventure – The Taibola Festival


SEVERODVINSK. Since 2011, culture festival Taibola has been held on a White Sea beach at Severodvinsk, a town near Arkhangelsk. […]

100 years ago in Haparanda


  HAPARANDA. 100 years ago came the outbreak of the FirstWorld War. To sleepy border towns Haparanda and Tornio it […]

Out from the Art Galleries


ORANKI. Some thirty kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, in the Finnish Torne Valley a high, pine-covered ridge stretches through the […]

Creating Wooden Creatures


LANNAVAARA. You can of course meet creativity everywhere, in big capitals or small villages. In the northern Swedish village of […]

56 Snowball Stories


ROVANIEMI. “I would like to think about the atmosphere  of the exhibition poetically as a group of works that have […]

Joyful Learning at Museums


ARKHANGELSK. Museums are not (only) dusty places with stuffed animals and heaps of historical facts. In recent years these public […]

Western Eyes on Russia


MURMANSK. Even though Internet has grown t be an enormous instant source of information, travel books and guides still hold […]

Caviar & Art


HENNINGSVÆR. Nowadays, contemporary art finds it way not only to urban centers, but also to the so-called peripheries. In the […]

Pussy Riot to Boden


BODEN. The large art building Havremagasinet in Boden opened up in 2010 with the exhibition “The Russians are coming”, where […]

Wooden Treasures of Arkhangelsk


ARKHANGELSK. There is a construction boom going on in Arkhangelsk. For some years now the skyline of the old Pomor […]

Folklore & Fashion


ARKHANGELSK. There is a vivid fashion scene in Pomor Capital Arkhangelsk. In popular local magazines like Plus, Magazine and Nastroienne […]

Sami Opening of Culture Capital


UMEÅ. The European Capitals of Culture 2014 are now on the track. Umeå’s opening was held last Saturday, while Riga […]

New Punk Monument


    TORNIOHAPARANDA. Monuments are raised to remember great persons, famous people, kings etc. In Tornio a new six meter high […]

Portraying Border People


                      VADSØ. Journalist and social anthropologist Trine Hamran has a […]

Culture Year Opens


UMEÅ.  On the threshold of a new year, it might be a good idea to write in some culture arrangements […]

War & Love in Lapland


ROVANIEMI. For a long time after the WWII, stories about intimate relations between German soldiers and Finnish women was a […]

Northern Light Festivals


UMEÅ/LULEÅ. Light festivals lighten up the darkness in the north, and have now been established as popular entertainment, drawing big […]

Magical Mystery Band


ARKHANGELSK. The Arkhangelsk Region is famous for its old culture, with folk choirs, handicraft, costumes, etc. The music group Moon Far […]

What Is the Arctic?


HUMLEBÆK. The Arctic is very hip at the moment – often mentioned in connection with nature recourses like oil, gas, […]

La Dolce Vita in Arkhangelsk


ARKHANGELSK. To visit a book store in Arkhangelsk or other regional center in the Russian Barents gives an impression  of […]

People´s Noble Drink


OULU. You mix French cognac (not the best sort) with vodka : and you get cut cognac or brandy. In […]

Meeting across the Border


KIRKENES. Today, some 25 years after perestroika and glasnost, and almost 70 years since WWII, it can be easy to […]

A Tribute to Sara


UMEÅ. There are different ways to remember important writers and artists. Aside of the works left after them, metal sculptures […]

Bringing Beauty to the Community


ARKHANGELSK/KANDALAKSHA. In recent years more and more yards in northwest Russia have undergone positive changes. Outside many dwelling houses rubbish […]

Looking for Iceland


BODEN. What is Iceland?  At the moment 16 Icelandic and foreign artists show their vision of this rugged island in […]

Art questioning Borders


  SEVEROMORSK/ROVANIEMI/LULEÅ. You are welcome to visit the ongoing art exhibition in Severomorsk.  The only problem is that you cannot […]

Celebrating Arctic Explorers


ARCTIC. 135 years ago Swedish-Finnish explorer Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld sailed his ship Vega across the Kara Sea. Arriving to the […]

A Swedish – Estonian Axis


                        KABLI/HAPARANDA. Culture projects connect peoples and countries. The […]

Museum of Unfamiliar Objects


LAINIO. In an old garage in Lainio village, northern Sweden, a new museum has recently opened up its doors to […]

Big Whitefish rising


KUKKOLANKOSKI. The whitefish (siika (fi), sik (swe) plays an important role in the lower part of the Torne Valley – as food, […]

Hot and Wet Culture


                                KUKKOLAFORSEN. “Bring the towel” […]

Kaija looks to Kuhmo


KUHMO. The municipality of Kuhmo in north-eastern Finland might sound like an odd place to arrange an international chamber music festival. […]

30 Swinging Years


HAPARANDATORNIO. To keep running music festivals requires a lot from organizers and volunteers. It’s easy to run out of enthusiasm and […]

Playing in the Streets


ARKHANGELSK. Once again the streets of Arkhangelsk is taken over by dancers, acrobats, musicians, jokers and other adventurous people. The annual […]

Festival Time!!!


ARKHANGELSK. It’s summer again – and Festival Time! Last weekend the Ostrov rock festival was held on an island in […]

Mr Rock of Arkhangelsk


ARKHANGELSK. The rock club Koleso [The Wheel] in Arkhangelsk is one of the liveliest music scenes in the Russian Barents. […]

Barents Portraits


TROMSØ. What do we really know about the Barents Region and the people living here? There are still many generalisations […]

Walking the Birgitta Trail


  HAPARANDATORNIO. Pilgrimages are growing in popularity, and not only the 800-kilometer route to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Last Saturday […]

Zeppelin heading North?


PALLAS. Many aviation enthusiasts in northern Finland are now eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of a real airship. The 75 […]

The War told by the People


KVALSUND. To tell about war, and how it affects people, can be told in many ways. Many historians and scholars […]

Disappearing Soviet Design


  KANDALAKSHA. Russia is going through a period of fast modernization. New shopping centres, skyscrapers in big towns and self-service […]

Who’s Zooming Who?


UMEÅ. The relationship between a photographer and the photo subject is not as simple and obvious as it sometimes may seem. […]

A Whole Lotta Franzén


                KEMINMAA. Peter Franzén, born and raised in the small northern town of […]

Dancing Metallurg


KANDALAKSHA. Dance education for children has been common and widespread in Russia since the Soviet times. At an early age […]

Festival for Radioheads


TORNIO. For three days (18-20/4) media students and teachers in Tornio and Tampere celebrate the radio media with lectures, competitions, […]

An Armchair Travelling Gem


MURMANSK. The noble art of armchair travelling is both comfortable and practical. The vehicle is often a travel book, and the […]

Salgado goes Yamal


LONDON. Brazilian-born Sebastiao Salgado is one of world’s most famous photographers. Since the 1970’s he has been working on issues like […]

Movements in Nature


KEMI. Photographer Tuula Lampela has a studio in Sodankylä, northern Lapland. – I wanted to do something outside my ordinary […]

Opera in the Wilderness


LAINIO. If you travel between Pajala and Vittangi in northern Sweden, you will suddenly see a sign on the side […]

Growing Double-City


HAPARANDATORNIO. Border towns Haparanda and Tornio are growing together into a single unit. The long term vision is to  constitute […]

Local TV for Everyone


PAJALA. With the Internet, anyone with passion, time and knowledge can open a TV-channel on their own. Enthusiasts Bror Astermo […]

The Ethnofuturists


SYKTYVKAR. Ethnofuturists is an art movement that has spread in northwest Russia and Estonia after the perestroyka. With the collapse […]

Genuine Sami?


LULEÅ. Artist Lisa Vipola wears a self-made Sami costume. She grew up in a Sami environment in northern Sweden and […]

Cars & Art


KEMI. If you you go to Aine’s in Tornio, it will be an art museum. If you go to Aine’s […]

The Sound of Sounds


HAPARANDA. Last weekend, the sound festival HapaRaTor made its debut in Haparanda. People listened to sound from Russian villages, Tunisian […]

Komi Myths and Legends


SYKTYVKAR. The Komi Republic has a rich and vivid folklore, a tradition that also has strong support from authorities and […]